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_MG_1779cThe Transitions Film Festival is a visionary program dedicated to spotlighting the complex challenges, cutting-edge ideas, creative innovations and mega-trends that are redefining what it means to be human.

We present positive, solutions-focused films and showcase cutting-edge ideas from around the world, along with the creative, academic, governmental, community and business leaders who are creating change locally.

The Transitions Film Festival has been inspiring audiences and powering social change since 2012, hosting festivals in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin and facilitating screenings in Alice- Springs, Hobart and across Australia.

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Image – Microtopia

As a planetary culture, we are currently experiencing a rapid transformation of industry, technology and society beyond anything previously imaginable.

We sit at the crossroads between utopia and dystopia, facing the immense and urgent challenges of climate change, peak oil, economic collapse, resource overconsumption and overpopulation, while at the same time hovering on the precipice of an age of abundance, driven by innovations in robotics, telecommunications, scientific breakthroughs and a growing consciousness of our collective predicament and fragile interconnectedness. The challenge of our generation is to consciously guide this transformation toward a sustainable civilization.

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Post film discussion TFF 2013

In an era that could very well define the fate of the planet and our species, there has never been a more important and exciting time to be engaged, educated and inspired.

The Transitions Film Festival aims to inspire, inform and engage by connecting audiences to cutting-edge ideas from around the globe and the local community groups that are creating impact in Australia.

We throw a spotlight on human ingenuity, power, passion and creativity and provide a platform for local heroes to share their stories and inspire the community.

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PC1_0558The future is on the table. The status quo is being disrupted. This is the decade that will define the course of history. Another world is happening. Get engaged. Get inspired. The future is now.

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The Transitions Film Festival Team

Founding Board Members

Timothy Parish
Daniel Simons
Sam Manger
Angie Muccillo

National Director

Daniel Simons

Director (Brisbane / Adelaide)

Dr. Sam Manger 

General / Program Manager 

Angie Muccillo

Design and Communications

David Chau: Graphic design 
Thuy Nguyen: Graphic design
Suzi Su: Graphic design
Jytte Holmqvist: Content contributor and proof reading
Nic Sheehan: Content contributor and proof reading

Outreach and Logistics

Alyssa Mason: Events co-ordination
Monique Miller: Research and events listings
Daniel Charles: Newsletter design and communications
Laura Scaglione: Outreach and event assistance 
Alexandra Scott: Outreach assistance 
Felicity Dennis: Outreach assistance
Tania Perez: Research and outreach assistance
Natalie Micevski: Outreach assistance

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